Manuchi Abii seeks help from TB Joshua

Its been largely rumoured that she’s having problems getting a ‘suitable’ man that will marry her and her age is running, others say its just some family issues she’s battling with and needs help.

Whatever the case may be, the gist is that former most beautiful girl in Nigeria, Manuchi Abii, who got many talking with her boobs exposing dress on her birthday recently, is seeking spiritual help from the man of God at the Synagogue, Prophet T.B. Joshua.

A source told reporters that Muna, who was seen sneaking into the church, is not the only Lagos babe who goes to the Synagogue for help, in spite of the many criticism against the popular Prophet.

Whatever she’s looking for, hope she finds it and eventually learn to live right.

It is not just about your Nails and Brazilian hair – Weird MC

The name Shola Idowu may not immediately ring a bell but at the mention of Weird MC, songs like Allen Avenue and Ijoya come to mind.

The pioneer female rap artiste told Saturday Beats that female rap artistes in Nigeria have a mortal dread.

She said, “They let me know about their element of fear; maybe because of how I relate with a lot of them and because of my demeanour they find it so easy to approach me. They tell me that it is a male dominated industry and I agree with them. It is not just peculiar to Nigeria; it is so in a lot of industries in the world. It is about you striking out and believing that you have to stand out.” Continue reading