WOMAN POISONS HER FAMILY for being excluded from shopping

Ann Marie Haines

Ann Marie Haines

A 41-year-old Woman has been arrested for poisoning her family as revenge after they went shopping excluding her.

Ann Marie Haines, of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, is behind bars for allegedly poisoning burritos and then feeding them to her family.

Haines allegedly added different medications to the dinner she cooked on Tuesday night because her husband and her daughter did not invite her when they went shopping for a new car, police said. Investigators said Haines took medication, crushed it and put them in the burritos, which she then gave to her husband and daughter.

After the pair felt dizzy and tired, they were taken to a hospital in order to be checked out. When Haines’ husband confronted her about the food, she became aggressive and said she was going to hurt them when they went to bed, according to court documents.

Haines was charged with reckless endangerment, assault and harassment. Her bail was set at $25,000.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Please if you have to shop for a house, car or a vacation location, please do so with your wife before she makes you history. And to the women, please be considerate with the way you poison us because there is very few of our kind on the planet… Thanks for your thoughtful consideration…

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