Girl Masturbates Endlessly on the Street after having Sex with a Rich Man

I came across this pictures some weeks back, but have been very emotional about blogging this. But on the other hand, I felt the need to reach out to those who have lessons to learn from what they are about to see, that was what gave me the momentum to do blog this.

If you are deeply involved or engrossed in the act and practice of Aristo[ism] [Aristo: A New Name For Prostitution On Campus. Dating an aristo is the latest barometer among campus girls for assessing wealth and position] then learn lessons from this images.

About the pictures, report has that this girl one morning ran out into the streets after an erotically and romantically filled night with her ‘sugar daddy’ who is a known wealthy man in the community…

The girl [name withheld] Ran out of the house in the Morning after sleeping in her ‘sugar daddy’s’ house overnight. After all their night stunts she woke up in the morning, jumped out of the mansion naked and running about the street masturbating unstoppably as if she has been sex starved.






8 comments on “Girl Masturbates Endlessly on the Street after having Sex with a Rich Man

  1. Moses, I think this info is stale. Pls correct me if am wrong.
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    • U heard about it before doesn’t make the new stale… and what lesson have U learnt or passed on to others? that is the point I can concur to such phrase as ‘stale’…

  2. Only God dis world is turning into. Evil every where. Our ladies abeg make una learn. The gal has been used for money making machine ritual. As her private part scratches her,so d mans wealth will flow. Pls ladies be careful not bcoz ur coursemates are using Berry 10,now u never knew what she did to get that,now u wanna go to any length to make money to show off forgetting dat ur mum dat gave birth to & send u to university to learn wants u to graduate wit better grades,good job,good hubby. Now she has ruined her life bcoz of money. May God Almighty have mercy on her. Lessons for other young ladies out there to learn from. On point. I sign out.

  3. Its so Sad, the crave for Money by our ladies nowadays is so so pathethic. The love of Money has made evil to be planted in them at the detriment of their health and wellness. God have Mercy !

    • and the height is they will never stop to think and learn… they just hear and do, ignoring the factor that lies in between – risk / pros and cons… God help us all…

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