MTN: Introduction of Number Portability

In the zest to gain wider control and dominating influence in the Nigerian Telecommunications Sector, South African based Telco giant, MTN, says it is ready for the much awaited mobile number portability project to be fully implemented in the country.

This action clearly dispels the insinuations by the populace, that Telcos are afraid of the number portability project, because they could lose subscribers which may become a challenge to their revenue performance and operations.

The Number portability project by concept offers subscribers the opportunity of moving from one network to another, without losing their numbers. Understanding the process of the initiative, the Nigerian subscribers are very eager for the launch of the service.

Regulatory Body for the mobile technology industry in the Nation, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), in the new year assured subscribers that the number portability project will take off in the first quarter of the year.

Chief Executive Officer of MTN Nigeria ,Mr Brett Goschen, speaking during a strategic meeting of the company with its internal stakeholders in the country, said MTN has been one of the Telcos supporting fully and advocating for the MNP implementation in Nigeria.

Mr Goschen further stated “We have made necessary investment in infrastructure and manpower and we are now finalising the process of making this project a reality. We are confident that when the NCC is ready to blow the whistle for the kick-off of this project, we will be ready”.

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