Daddy Showkey E|scapes Assassins’ Bullets

Daddy Showkey

For the third time in nine months, Ghetto soldier, Daddy Showkey escaped death by the whiskers when two persons suspected to be hired assassins shot him twice at close range before escaping on a motorcycle.
The incident according to the musician, happened last Tuesday at at about 8.30pm.

Narrating the ugly experience to Weekend Groove over the phone, the Ghetto Soldier said “I was on a queue to buy fuel at the Mobil petrol station along Agindigbi Road, Ikeja, when the incident happened. Three cars were behind Akin Akindele of Ray Power when a guy tapped on the window of my Range Rover SUV.”

“Thinking he was one of my fans, I wound down the glass to attend to him. He told me that I had a flat tyre. And as soon as I alighted from the car, the young’ man pulled a gun and shot at me twice.  He muted “No be you this Daddy Showkey? Immediately his  first shot missed me, I quickly grabbed him.

Continuing, the reggae star said,  “as I wrestled him to the ground with the hope of retrieving the gun,  a second person who was already poised to escape on his motorcycle released another bullet, this time  he aimed at my head. Fortunately, he missed the mark, It was providence that saved me from the assassins’bullets.”

“Sensing that the crowd that had dispersed at the blast of the first gun shot would rally support for me, the two guys quickly scampered away on their motorcycle”.

Who wants Daddy Showkey  dead WG sought to know? “I don’t know who I have offended”, Daddy Showkey lamented to WG. “Outside music that I play, I don’t do any businesses in Nigeria and so would not know who wants me dead”
Twice last year suspected assassins had stormed the Ojodu residence of the famous Ajegunle born musician. The first time they came,  they succeeded in killing a close associate of the musician but their second attempt was repelled by the combined efforts of the local vigilante and men of the Nigerian Police. The matter according to Daddy Showkey, has since been reported to the Alausa Police.


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